Prosperity from climate-smart agribusiness with and for Africa

International Online Conference

24 & 25 May 2022

10:00 – 17:00h (UTC+2)

24 & 25 May 2022

24 & 25 May 2022







Tentative Agenda

Day 1

May 24, 2022 10:00

Welcome address

Mr Tobias Gerster
Director, Division “Regional Cooperation Africa and Horn of Africa”, GIZ

May 24, 2022 10:10

Welcome address

Ms. Cristelle Pratt
Organisation of the African, Carribean and Pacific States (OACPS), Assistant Secretary General for Environmental Climate Action

May 24, 2022 10:20

Official opening

Mr Amine Idriss Adoum
African Union Development Agency AUDA-NEPAD, Director Programmes Management and Delivery

May 24, 2022 10:30

Prosperous agribusiness in Africa "despite" climate change

Keynote session 1

Dr. George Wamukoya
Africa Group of Negotiators Expert Support (AGNES)

May 24, 2022 11:00

Harnessing climate finance for African agribusiness

Keynote session 2

Ms Daniela Chiriac
Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), Senior Consultant

May 24, 2022 11:30


May 24, 2022 12:00

Climate-smart agribusiness with and for Africa: status and opportunities

Ms Estherine Lisinge-Fotabong (tbc)

Dr. Adeola Odedina
Hon. Commissioner of Agriculture, Ogun State Nigeria

May 24, 2022 12:45

Understanding the climate finance markets and entry points of African agribusiness

Dr. Prasun Kumar Das
Asia-Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (APRACA)

May 24, 2022 13:15

Exhibition pitches

Mr Martin Bwalya
AUDA-NEPAD, Knowledge management directorate

May 24, 2022 13:30

Exhibition visits and matchmaking

May 24, 2022 14:30

Climate-smart technologies: carbon-footprint as part of agribusiness models

Concurrent session 

TBC. Mr Felix Frewer
GIZ /MOVE project

TBC: Ms. Boladale Adebowale
ECOWAS Rice Observatory


Climate-smart agribusiness: Lessons from the Carribean and Pacific

Concurrent session

TBC Mr Kistian Flemming
Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Initiative (CARDI), St Kitts&Nevis


Strengthen youth for climate smart-agribusiness: Status from African ATVET institutions

Concurrent session 

Mr Julius Mama
Institute of Agriculture, Business and Capacity Building

Ms Anna Hans
MS TCDC - Training Centre for Development Cooperation, Tanzania


Land Restoration MSMEs: Lessons from the Land Accelerator Africa

Concurrent session

Mr. Teko Nhlapo
Environmental Sustainability Division - (ESD) AUDA-NEPAD

Ms. Amanda Gant
World Resource Insitute (WRI)

Mr. Will Anderson
World Resource Institute (WRI)

May 25, 2022 10:00

Carbon payment schemes as business opportunity for small-scale agribusiness

Concurrent session


Ms Pauline Nantongo
Plan Vivo

Mr Bruno St-Jacques
TMG Think Thank for Sustainability

International Platform for Insetting (IPI)


Is it worth the effort? Experiences from the valorization of carbon sequestration schemes by agricultural MSMEs

Concurrent session 

Mr Dennis Ncurai
GIZ Global Programme Soil

Mr Geoffrey Onyango
GIZ Global Programme Soil

Ms Viridiana Alcantara-Shivapatham

Mr Amos Wekesa
Vi Agroforestry


Too small to be considered? Inclusive institutional models to ensure access to climate finance by MSME

Concurrent session 

Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), Climate Finance Lab

Mr François Dionne


The “climate and digital” nexus: fostering adaptation through innovative solutions and data systems

Concurrent session

Mr Hannes Graef
YAPU Solutions

Mr Manyewu Mutamba
AUDA-NEPAD, Environmental Sustainability Division (ESD)

Mr Clement Adjorlolo
AUDA-NEPAD, Environmental Sustainability Division (ESD)

Mr Godefroy Grosjean

Mr Hauke Dahl

May 25, 2022 11:30


May 25, 2022 12:00

Making youth fit for climate-smart agribusiness: ATVET's innovative concepts for capacity development

Concurrent session 

Mr Eshetayehu Tefera
Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA)

Dr. Godfrey Nzamujo
Songhai Benin


Agricultural Producer Organisations: driving force of climate smart agribusiness models for their member enterprises.

Concurrent session 


Keystones needed to scale climate finance to African agribusiness MSME

Concurrent session 



Effective policies for climate-smart agribusiness MSME and their organization

Concurrent session

May 25, 2022 13:30

Way forward: Getting TrAction for climate-smart agribusiness

May 25, 2022 14:45

Closing remarks

Organisation of the African, Carribean and Pacific States (OACPS), Assistant Secretary Structural Economic Transformation andTrade

May 25, 2022 15:00

Exhibition visits and Matchmaking


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